Alternative Therapies

Restore  Rebalance  Revitalize

Sacred Lomi

Lomi Lomi is a time honored, traditional Hawaiian massage, which combines long flowing strokes and circular motions that facilitate the clearing of old patterns, trauma, and negativity. This heart-centered practice is meant to leave one’s mind, body, and spirit relaxed and restored. 

60-min session $95

90-min session $125

Thai Massage

Thai massage combines stretching, acupressure, and breath work in a harmonious fashion that can often be described as “lazy man’s yoga.” Gentle yet powerful- effects are enhanced states of relaxation, ease of muscle tension, and greater range of motion.  

60-min session $80

90-min session $100

Therapeutic Massage

A combination of massage techniques including neuromusular massage, myofascial massage, trigger point therapy and/or sports massage. Therapeutic Massage is designed to address specific dysfuntion in the muscles, tailored to each client’s needs, preference of pressure and body type.

60-min session $80

90-min session $100

Laser Crystal Therapy

Using a quartz, laser crystal, Crystal Therapy (CT) helps extract and release overburdened energy centers by removing harmful influences and negative programming. This therapy also includes some hands-on work to alleviate blockages trapped in the fascia. Crystal Therapy can help with compulsive behaviors, irritability, grief and anxiety. 

75-min session $85

Fusion Therapy Signature Facial

Our signature facial transforms dull, dry skin into youthful glowing skin. Treatment includes dermaplanning along with lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage detoxifies and decongests skin (and sinus) for more frequent cell turnover, along with optimal absorption of hydrating and corrective serums. 

75-min session $95

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DISCLAIMER: We do not claim to be a replacement for any medication or medical treatment, but only a complement to traditional medicine techniques. Consult your health provider with any questions or concerns before engaging in any therapy and/or making any medical changes.