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 REOPENING SALT THERAPY – Friday, May 8, 2020

Dear Fusion Therapy Clients,

We are very happy to announce that we will be reopening our Dry Salt Therapy Rooms on Friday, May 8th. Thank you to everyone for your patience and support during these uncertain times.

We have replaced almost 1000 pounds of Dead Sea Salt on the floors of the Dry Salt Therapy rooms. This will add to the rooms effects and sterilization. The new Salt sparkles like diamonds!

We understand that Florida’s reopening phases have certain requirements. Below is a list of changes and extra precautions when arriving at our Healing Center:

  1. We will be operating at a 25% capacity. Every individual will maintain 6 feet away from each other.
  2. There will be a free standing, hand sanitizer tower outside of the front door. Please sanitize your hands before coming in.
  3. All staff will be wearing masks and we have have clean masks available for each of you.
  4. We will add a 15 minute buffer time in-between appointments. There will be no client overlap in the front office and this gives us 15 minutes to disinfect and sanitize every hour.
  5. We will now be using both of the front doors. One for the entrance, the other for the exit.
  6. The Grande Salt Suite will be limited to 2-4 people and only privates (or families) in the Petite Salt Suite.
  7. Everyone is now required to wear surgical booties if they enter into the either of the salt rooms.
  8. All bean bags will be removed, as well as two zero-gravity chairs. This allows 6 ft of space between each chair.
  9. At this time, children will no longer be allowed to play with toys on the salt room floor. Children will be required to sit in chairs or on their parents lap. We have added an assortment of books to read!

Thank you, again. Please feel free to call us if you you’d like to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions.

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