Dry Salt Therapy for Children

Safe  Effective  Drug Free

Our salt treatment room for children is a 100% drug-free therapy that can assist children with respiratory and skin conditions.  A completely safe and effective compliment to traditional medical treatments, our salt therapy for children is specially calibrated to provide your child with optimal health benefits in a comfortable and playful environment.
Benefits of Dry Salt Therapy for Children

As our world has become increasingly polluted, there has been a rapid escalation in respiratory problems for both adults and children.  Asthma is the most chronic disease of childhood.  In the U.S., it is estimated that nearly five million children have asthma, and those numbers are on rise.  Asthma is a leading cause of emergency room visits, hospitalization and missed school days for children.

Children are more prone to breathing problems because their respiratory system does not fully develop until the age of nine.  The narrowness of nasal passageways in children and their higher risk of picking up viruses contribute to the frequency and severity of colds/flus and other respiratory conditions.  In addition, their lungs have difficulty filtering out large pollution particles.

However, clinical studies show that children respond remarkably quickly to salt room treatments.  Whether your child is suffering from allergies, an ear infection, frequent colds, or asthma, our Dead Sea Salt therapy can help reduce inflammation, open clogged passageways, loosen up mucus, and kill germs and bacteria in your child’s respiratory system.

In addition, salt therapy has been shown to boost the immune system, helping protect your child from future infections and illness.  The negative ions in the salt can also help soothe and calm your child, easing hyperactivity and the stresses of illness and/or pain.

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Our children’s room is specifically designed for infants and children up to 12 years of age.  Our finely ground salt floor is like a large sandbox that your children can play in.  We also have toys, books and music for your children to enjoy while they breathe in the healing salt and mineral infused air.  For your piece of mind and the safety of your children, we encourage parents with children under 12 years old to accompany their child in our salt room free of charge.  Our children’s salt room also has a large window for easy monitoring of your child from outside the room.
Children’s Sessions (12 years & Under)

  • Single Session $35
  • Single Session for two children $45

All sessions are 30 minutes.

One parent/guardian is welcomed to accompany their child into the children’s salt room free for charge.

We found Fusion Therapy when my 7-year-old daughter was diagnosed with whooping cough. I so appreciate the research and care provided by Gena and Terry. The consistent dry salt therapy treatments in the Petite Suite gave my daughter her only relief from her miserable symptoms. We have since continued weekly visits and will be salt members for life!
Kristen K.

DISCLAIMER: We do not claim to be a replacement for any medication or medical treatment, but only a complement to traditional medicine techniques. Consult your health provider with any questions or concerns before engaging in any therapy and/or making any medical changes.