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Terry Schibler

Terry Schibler

Senior Partner/Licensed Massage Therapist (MA11621)

Recognized throughout the Suncoast, Terry Schibler (LMT) is a graduate of Sarasota School of Massage. While working with athletes early in his career, Terry discovered that while valuable, neuromuscular therapy had its limits. He embarked on an unconventional course of training, mastering many modalities including CranioSacral Therapy, HCT, Visceral Manipulation, Zero Balancing, Brain Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. Terry worked as a teaching assistant in multiple classes for the Upledger Institute and other training programs. Terry also developed a mentoring relationship with and received personal instruction from Bruno Chikly, MD, DO, who developed the practice of Lymphatic Drainage and advanced brain work.  By integrating the best of anatomical knowledge of the body with eastern concepts of energy and healing, Terry has a singular ability to trace, recognize and treat complex pain patterns so that his clients can live fuller, more vibrant lives.
Gena Lewis-Schibler

Gena Lewis-Schibler

Senior Partner/Licensed Massage Therapist (MA46553)

Gena is a skilled licensed massage therapist and esthetician. Her massage training spans across numerous modalities including pranic healing, aromatherapy, sound healing, reiki, lymphatic drainage, craniosacral therapy and physical fitness. In her role as a skin care specialist, she is dedicated to enhancing both the health and beauty of her clients through the use of only the purest, non-toxic skin care products and treatments. Fusion Therapy is the ultimate realization of Gena’s powerful entrepreneurial spirit and passion for helping others. She brings more than 18 years’ experience as a business leader, educator and speaker to Fusion Therapy, as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping people maximize their physical, emotional and mental well-being. Gena is a graduate from Sarasota School of Massage and the Florida Academy of Skin Care.
Alex Hughes

Alex Hughes

Spa Manager

Combining her design and administrative skills with a sparkling personality, Alex has become the center point for Fusion Therapy’s client relations. She is the manager of Fusion Therapy’s Sarasota-based healing center and is responsible for the coordination of client scheduling and day-to-day operations.  She is a major contributor to the beautiful layout of our retail displays and social media communications.  Alex received her degree from Florida Gulf Coast University and is a graphic designer.

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Client Testimonials

Terry has been a bright light in my recover from a stroke. I am beyond thankful for his genuine support and exceptional bodywork. He was a huge part of my team, along with my Doctors and Physical Therapists. When I missed an appointment with Terry one week, my physical therapist mentioned that my progress had slowed compared to the week before. He said, “Whatever CranioSacral is, keep doing it! It is making a huge difference in your recovery.” All of my best to Fusion Therapy. They are dedicated to helping people heal and get back to living a productive, happy, and pain free life.

We are so grateful for Fusion Therapy and their knowledgeable staff. We found Fusion when my 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with whooping cough. I so appreciate the research and care provided by Gena and Terry. The consistent dry salt therapy treatments in the petite suite gave my daughter her only relief from her miserable symptoms. We have since continued weekly visits. As an early education teacher, I found myself with an almost constant cold. I, too, benefit from my daughters salt treatments! Fusion Therapy holds such a healing space that no matter whats going on in my day, I walk out feeling relaxed and clear. A 30-minute salt session in the children’s suite is like hitting the reset button on my nervous system! In fact the dry salt treatments contribute to our over all well being in every way. We will be salt members for life!
Kristen Kelly

Terry is amazing. He did in 3 sessions what months of “treatment” by neurologist couldn’t do for my 16 year old son who suffered a concussion playing football. My son has had headaches, fogginess in the head and extreme fatigue for 3 months since suffering his concussion. The doctors he saw were totally ineffective despite prescribing a cream to apply to his neck that cost just short of $3,000. Unbelievable. After the first session with Terry my son felt much better, but after 3 sessions he felt fine and was totally in awe of what Terry had managed to do for him. Thank you Terry!
Elena Dragu

We have been so very impressed with Fusion Therapy. Our daughter is 8 and has severe, chronic lung disease. Regular sessions in the salt room as well as crania-sacral work with Terry have greatly improved her breathing, and undoubtedly helped keep her out of the hospital. Both Terry and Gena are fantastic with children and their lights truly shine from within. We always feel relaxed and rejuvenated in the peaceful atmosphere of the office. I struggle with seasonal allergies and sinus problems, and I feel relief with every session in the salt room and when Terry works on my lymphatic system. We are so thankful that we found Fusion Therapy and for the skill and care that Terry and Gena offer. I truly cannot say enough good things.
Dawn D.

I can’t even begin to say enough about the full spectrum sauna at Fusion Therapy! I use it two to three times a week and when I happen to come in feeling drained, I leave feeling so clean and refreshed. My favorite program is the detoxification! I can almost feel those heavy metals leaving my body. I’m addicted and will use infrared sauna for LIFE. Thank you to my Fusion Therapy Family. You guys rock so hard!
Rhi Valich

I found Fusion Therapy when I felt exasperated by my (special needs) sons, constant absence at school because of sickness. Whenever he would seem well, he would go back to school and ALWAYS come home sick and miss another week of school. Trying dry salt therapy was my last resort before trying to home school! He and I both felt a difference in our very first treatment! We are now members. We come to the petite suite at Fusion Therapy once a week. We have almost NO! sniffles or coughs. It appears that the dry salt therapy has even strengthened his immune system. In the rare accession that he does pick up a virus from school, it goes away immediately after a salt treatment or two. Jon is now in school full time and fully able to participate. Dry salt therapy has changed our families lives!

I’ve been a paraplegic for over 45 years as a result of gunshot wounds suffered in Vietnam. After this long the strains on my wheelchair confined body have taken quite a toll. NOTHING in these past 45 years has approached the benefit I’ve derived from Terry’s working on my body. It’s both amazing and a shame that established medical care can’t approach what Terry can do in helping me overcome pain and lack of mobility issues. He’s the best and I’m very grateful that I’ve had the chance to meet him and be worked on by him. My advice to friends is simple. No matter what you’re ailment… go see Terry! He’s great and very unique. Never met anyone like him.
Bobby Muller

Terry has been helping me tremendously for over a year. I’ve worked with a number of body workers, osteopaths, chiropractors, and other therapists in the past, but no one has ever come close to what he brings to the table. Terry’s mastered a staggering number of modalities and is knowledgeable in many different approaches to health and healing – all of which come in to play based on his keen intuition. No session is ever exactly the same, but every session is helpful, both in the short term and over time. Visiting Terry is like simultaneously going to an energy healer, a master bodyworker, and a shamanic guide – and sometimes more. We are very lucky to have him here in Sarasota.
Eugene T.