Dry Salt & Bodywork Therapies

Ancient Therapies  Modern Practices

Dry Salt Therapy

The Suncoast’s first and only dry salt therapy treatment center. Visit our Dead Sea Salt Suites and experience a drug-free, natural alternative to supporting respiratory health, detoxification and total body restoration.

Elite Bodywork

Through a combination of traditional and advanced therapy protocols, our highly trained bodyworkers can address the root causes of tension, pain, and/or injury to your body’s systems and enhance your wellbeing.

Alternative Therapy

Our alternative therapies help release patterns of dysfunction and pain to unlock the body’s natural ability to heal. Our goal is to help you restore your mind, body and spirit back to a state of balance and wellness.

DISCLAIMER: We do not claim to be a replacement for any medication or medical treatment, but only a complement to traditional medicine techniques. Consult your health provider with any questions or concerns before engaging in any therapy and/or making any medical changes.